Saturday, 19 July 2014

Schools out forever ♥

Well, there we are then, after 22 years, from my 1st child starting a school nursery, to my last child completing A levels, I'm through with school.... Yippee.... And the changes I've seen in the past 22 years are phenomenal, and not all for the good, when my first child started, you could walk into school whenever you liked if you wished to, now there are locks on absolutely everything, to keep them in and you out, you could also take them out whenever you pleased, and go on a family holiday when it suited you, not the school. They introduced suit and tie uniforms all over this area, fortunately, we just missed having to fork out on that expense. Finally, in the 11 to 18 schools, they group the classes with all age groups from years 7 to 11, it doesn't work, no one talks to anyone, not even the teacher.... Whilst my last child was studying for A levels they amalgamated two schools that were next to each other, shut one down completely, and have been left with a failing school, no wonder she's worried about her results. Turns out that 5 of her teachers are leaving this summer, (rats leaving a sinking ship) they can't teach their subject properly, as their being told to teach anything and everything.
Anyway, schools might be out forever, however, their not out of the education system yet. I was really dismayed to hear that the course my daughter has worked so hard to do since she was little, has been axed as well. She is in the last intake for the art foundation course at the university school of art and design. So, so sad.  Thank goodness she didn't decide to take a gap year... But for now, we can all enjoy the summer, no exams, no homework, a very well deserved break.
And if I had my time again? I would very seriously consider home schooling.


  1. Great post Sue, enjoy your summer xx

  2. Great post, like you if I had children now I definitely would home school
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

    1. They are brooches. If you email me I'll send you the link for my shop

  3. I am so pleased mine are all out of education as pupils although one of mine is a sixth form teacher. have a great summer.

  4. As always, the school experience depends so much on the teachers...big responsibility we have there!!

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my last post, slowly but surely I am beginning to feel much more myself, although this hot and humid weather has set me back a bit.

    See you soon, Helenxx

  5. I wouldn't want to be starting the school thing again, Sue, so many changes and, like those we had in the health services, mostly useless. Good luck to your last one! Lxx


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