Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Melt down

I'm not actually talking ut the glorious weather we are enjoying at the is moment,
More about me!

You see, I've lost it.
The ability to be creative
Artists block.
I have run out of creative ideas, 
I have tried painting, and I end up with a muddy mess.
Worse than a 2yr olds,
I can't sew,
And after years of my head being full of ideas as to what to do next it is now empty.
Should I enjoy it, or be worried,
Will my creativity return, or have I lost it forever.
Has anyone else suffered in this way? I know writers get writers block, but I've not heard of artists with artists block.
Perhaps I should just enjoy the summer, (as I am doing) stop trying to be creative and retire!
And even possibly tidy my stuff away, so when/if I can get back to work, I'll at least know where everything is!


  1. Glad you are enjoying your break, don't worry about your creativity - you are just exhausted! Put your stuff away for now, just sit back and enjoy the summer, it will all come back to you before you know it.

    Look forward to seeing you soon, Helenxx

  2. The thing is, it abandons us all at some time even frequently for some. I think it's not so much a block as maybe an overload of ideas and the mind just says, oh blow you, I'm taking a break! You'll be sitting one day having a nice quiet time and a cuppa, more than likely in your household a huge piece of deliscious cake and WHAM! the mojo will start up again!
    Relax and enjoy the Summer, meltdown in the usual Summer way, get ice cream down your tshirt, go for a paddle, eat fish and chips by the sea...........just be!

  3. Your creativity will come back don't worry, its just having a holiday, its enjoying the warm weather, mine disappears for days and sometimes what seems like weeks at a time but its never away for long, its just giving your brain and fingers a rest.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Sue, let go of that feeling of panic and dismay. Shut your sewing room up for a week and enjoy the sunshine, make plans for other things and forget 'being creative.
    Then go back to your room, give it a good tidy, examine your 'stuff' but don't dwell on anything, just let it be.
    Leave the room! Get on with life, do OTHER stuff. And visit places - galleries, exhibitions, etc.
    Keep a notebook and jot down things which interest you - without feeling the urge to turn those jottings into creative plans - not yet....
    visit pinterest, but look at stuff you don't usually zoom in on.
    Keep enjoying your life, doing whatever pleases you. Don't beat yourself up or worry about your lost muse.

    Check over your note book. Go back to pinterest, and if something nudges your interest, check it out, look at other examples of it.Read books, and magazine. Cut out pictures and ideas and stick them in a scrap book - the pre-curser of pinterest! Allow your creative appetite to be re-whetted.
    Return to your sewing room and re-tidy your stuff. If it is the right time you'll find your mind making the connections between what you've been looking at.And once you reach this stage, you will be well away. But if if not - repeat the above steps. Ihave had two major episodes of this and this is what I did - though I wasn't seeing it as stages like this at the time.
    And when you have minor episodes of this block, a good tidy up in the sewing room and a flick through my 'inspiration' scrapbook usually gets me going again! Good luck! L xxx

  5. It will come back, Sue! Just relax and enjoy the summer in the meantime.
    Helen xox


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