Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Art this way

I don't think there are many of my lovely blogging friends who live locally enough to visit me this weekend, but this is where I'll be, at venue number 1.
More information here www.artthisway.co.uk


  1. Hi Sue - glad to see you are back to blogging again! Sorry not to be close enough to visit - hope it goes very well for you!

  2. Such a shame looks like my sort of thing.

  3. Would love to come but, hopefully fetching my hens this weekend and their house.
    Will you be doing this more than once a year? Could be a popular venue(s) me thinks maybe twice yearly or seasonally?
    Hope it goes really well!
    Sandie xxx

    1. This is its 3rd year, but the 1st time we've joined in, we'll see how it goes.....


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