Tuesday, 27 May 2014


 I have a story to tell, but blogger won't let me, I'm far too busy to keep trying, it takes up too much of my time, I need a new computer, I need my own, one that I don't have to share with the rest of my family, one that works when I want it too, not when it decides to. One where I'm not continually logged out of all my sites, by other users..... Yes, at the moment I am furious, having tried for a couple of hours to upload my photos. Life is frantic here, with 'A' levels and end of btec courses. I hardly ever even get the chance to use it..... and I notice, I am losing followers by the shed load....
So, it's been lovely getting to know everybody, I have really enjoyed being part of this world, but for now, this is it. I can't be bothered anymore.
However, I shall keep my blog live, because, one day, maybe, blogger will allow me to publish my photos and I may return. It is a wonderful way to see what we have done.
So bye for now


  1. Noooooooooooooooooooo.......

    Hope you get the computer sorted real soon, I find that I can only use Chrome to upload photos, explorer doesn't seem to work on my computer any more (no idea why).


  2. I have just returned to blogland after a longish break. Sometimes we just need to break away for a bit, especially if blogging begins to seem like a chore - it should be fun after all. So have a break, but remember we will be here waiting for you if you decide to return.
    Linda xxx

  3. Oh Sue, what a shame - but I do know what it is like to be continually frustrated by computer technology. And as Linda says above, when it becomes a chore it is time to give it a rest. You are on my 'list' so should you return I will know and be reading you! Keep on making your beautiful work, and if you have time and inclination, I am doing Open Studios at the moment for the next 2 weeks, details on the blog - it would be lovely to meet up again. Take care and good luck! Lxxxx

  4. I've been there, I understand, please don't stay away too long. You are still on my list so I will watch for your return.
    You are welcome to keep in touch by email, I have made loads of friends by blogging so please stay in touch
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. It is so frustrating when you want to do something but time, life and temperamental technology get in the way. Sometimes a bit of a break does us good and those clamouring for the computer will soon fade away once their manic revision is done. Hope you manage to get something sorted soon and at least you will have lots of stories to tell when you return, just don't forget us altogether. X

  6. I blame it all on FB and Twitty! Hate them!
    Do pop back from time to time, love to see your work.
    Take care,

    Sandie xxx

  7. I understand your frustration as I feel a bit the same at the moment as our eldest is in the midst of her gcse's and blogging from my phone is not ideal. Don't be absent for too long but enjoy your break and come back refreshed with lots to share and maybe a new computer xx

  8. I hope you get it sorted soon; I know how frustrating it can be, having myself only just come back to blogging after computer problems.


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