Wednesday, 30 April 2014

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY Hermione

At home eighteen years ago, at 3.24am, the most delightful, gorgeous girl entered this world

 We held a small celebration at the end of last week,
Today, she has a 5 hour textiles exam for 'A' level, she completed 5 yesterday, with 5 more hours to go tomorrow and the same schedule next week, but with 'A' level Art instead, (not the best of times for birthdays) The whole of Easter was taken up, day after day, working towards these exams, and not forgetting her psychology revision.

She has always worked so hard at her education, and has been offered a place at the University of her choice for her foundation course, and she is of course the most delightful daughter, going way beyond helping out and caring for us all, and a wonderful sibling too

I enclosed the last picture she took, as she loves the smell of blossom at this time of year 

and not forgetting our lovely son,


Today will be spent travelling, to Turkey, to join in as a volunteer at the International Dance Festival in Bodrum. Where he will spend the whole month of May helping out in whatever way he can to promote this festival worldwide, but more importantly, trying to find an English team of Dancers to take part, as yet, there isn't a group from the U.K (he's thinking along the lines of Morris people) Interested? take a look here

Enjoy xxx

Tonight, we will be eating chocolate cake, with fresh cream in the middle, a silky smooth ganache, strawberries dipped in chocolate and chocolates on top with chocolate fingers around the requested by the birthday girl xxx


  1. Wow- 18, where did that time go!? Have a wonderful day H, and eat loads of cake! :)

  2. Hope Hermione has a great birthday and best of luck in all those exams!

  3. Belated birthday greetings Hermione! And good luck with the exams!

  4. Wonderful cake! Congratulations - and the very best f luck to Hermione with the exams! Lxx

  5. How is it possible that 18 years whizzed by so fast?!

    Happy that I got to see her for a while on her birthday!


  6. Happy Belated 18th Hermoine x

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