Tuesday, 5 March 2013

February Scavenger Hunt

A little bit late this month! but better late than never? Well I hope you enjoy them......
RED***********************a poisoned apple                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Breakfast****************************Red Wine of course

Glass****************************a Red Vase

A BUS**************************** a Red Bus on some fabric

14 ************************** Red Buttons

Heart *********************** Red (of course) from my Valentine card

 FROZEN ********************** Frozen Red Buds from my Quince Bush

SHOPPING TROLLEY*************************** A red one with the obligatory little old lady!
A KISS **************************** A real red lipstick Kiss

 Something found nowhere else ******** it says it all really, in red!

Park Bench ******************** Really struggled with this one, so decided to draw one, (very badly and the perspective is all wrong, heigh ho......)

                                                      and finally....

A Shadow ******************* through a clear red vase

this completes February's  challenge hosted by the wonderful Greenthumb at Made with Love



  1. Very imaginative!

    I had to play truant from the scavenger hunt last month, hope I manage to do this months.


  2. Love your red theme but think you might be telling s porky about red wine for breakfast?!

  3. Sue when you started this scavenger hunt I remember feeling so inspired (it's a great prompt for a post!) but I have never got my act together sufficiently to join in! One day.......... Lx.

  4. Thanks for putting your photos in the scavenger hunt, like your red theme and your Herat and shadow.


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