Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Crazy Patchwork

 Finally, I have managed to finish my latest crazy patchwork :)
 I am really enjoying all the embroidery at the moment
 The slow stitching by hand,
 with all the beautiful threads and eyecatching buttons
 onto gorgeous dupion silks
 and beautiful liberty fabrics
 stitch after stitch

a new bag for me.......

I think you might agree, I have come on a long way since my first experiment with this technique back in September last year!!!
 See you soon
Sue Xxx


  1. The bage is gorgeous
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  2. Sue I love your crazy patchwork bag, I am seeing lots of crazy patchwork in blogland lately and it's something I really want to try, your bag is such an inspiration to get started well done!!!

  3. Sue, your work is amazing. I love the crazy patchwork. That bag is fantastic. It think I got lucky in being paired with you for the swap.

  4. Wow it's gorgeous I love the beads and enbroidery choices!
    Kandi x

  5. Wow you have indeed come on a long way its gorgeous and stunning and beautiful and pretty. Enjoy it, dee x

  6. Amazing, I love everything about it, the colours, embroidery, buttons - beautiful! :) x

  7. Absolutely wonderful! And even more wonderful when seen in real life!!


    PS R is busy baking cupcakes for me....

  8. Amazing, Sue! Lovely vibrant colours and fantastic textures! And I love the shiny buttons too.
    Helen x

  9. Wow what an amazingly colourful bag, I love all the different stitches and embellishments - you have definitely come a long way! x

    1. Love it - the colours, the stitching, the embellishments - you should be rightly pleased with this. xC

  10. Your bag is beautiful Sue! It's so colourful and uplifting. I am now a new follower, glad I found you. Such a shame I didn't find you in time to join in your Jubilee swap, that looks great fun. Love Katie xx

  11. I'm just catching up, because for some reason your blog only comes up in my reading list occasionally, so excuse me if I don't comment very often.

    This bag is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colours and the detailing.

    Speaking of buttons, I've got a giveaway with some over on my blog.


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