Friday, 17 April 2015

Textile journal

Good morning everyone.
Do you like my new textile journal?
It is only A5 size, and again, layers of various fabrics all sewn together with
 free machine embroidery, 
using variegated thread
Including hand dyed cotton,
And a couple of layers of two tone organza.

I have coiled some fabric up to make a button and used an elastic to hold the front and back together
I have made a page marker, and put another coil on the end of this
And down the side is yet another coil for a pen or pencil.
I have put flaps inside so that the notebook or sketchpad can be replaced once it is full.
I didn't time how long this took me to make, but hours and hours, a good working day!
I made an A6 one in about half the time!
I really love it though, I think for once the hours spent sewing were worth while!
Sue x

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

35 years!

Our anniversry
Wow, where did that time go?
I received lots of gifts yesterday including my favourite pink roses
And some amazing Baclava, the best, all the way from Jordon,
Not for our anniversary, but one of many beautiful gifts from a friend who was on holiday. So kind.
It was a beautiful sunshiny day, the daisies are back growing in the lawn
The daffs blooming beautifully in our garden
And the tulips.
Continuing with my work, another treasure casket
And a bowl.
See you soon

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Textile treasures

I was photographing some of my textile work recently,
Some old and some new,
I was quite pleased with the way the images turned out

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Bradgate Park, Leicestershire

In the warm sunshine, ancient trees, ruins of Lady Jane Grey, Queen for 9 days, Leicestershire's seaside! 
And so, so, so busy yesterday, even the overspill carparks couldn't cope with the amount of visitors.
I have only once used the reserve car parks and that was a very long time ago...
Amazingly, my photos don't show the hoards of people out enjoy the weather!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

500th post

Well, here we are ..... In just over 5 years I have reached my 500th post!
As you can see, in my 1st year I was so keen, so excited by everything blogging had to offer, then the number of posts went down year on year...
Last year, there were a measly 43 posts, less than one a week.
However, I think I may do better this year.
With new technology, and having found my blog again on my main computer, I see no reason not too.
Unless of course,
I have nothing to write about,
Or no photos to show.
This week has been all about beads 
Making, sorting, organising.
What fun it has been. I have always loved beads, for as long as I can remember.
And to be able to make my own for the last few years has been such a delight.
This week, on Friday and Saturday I shall be at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, 
At p-lush, its all about wooly things
Is anyone else going?
See you soon,
Sue xxx

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Queens park, Loughborough

Out and about yesterday, I took this photo of the war memorial in the park in town, the tree is blossoming, difficult to see in this photo.
I spent many a happy hour on this park, close to where we used to love, it was our second garden, one with two playground, a cafe and many friends.
Happy days 

Saturday, 21 March 2015


I've been out and about again with my new camera in my home town.
This is the town centre on market day. I can't believe I stood in the town taking lots of photos, going round on the spot, I wonder what people thought of me!
There was a time when you could barely move on a Thursday or Saturday, sadly, no longer the case.
I honestly think the traffic wardens put paid to people visiting. Even if you park in a car park, if you run over your time they fine you. On street parking is limited, and pedestrianisation means it it so far away.
Given that, and large stores on the edge of town with free unlimited parking with almost everything you could possibly want, and the internet for everything else, we now live in a ghost town.
Not a very pretty one at that. 
Town planning meant most of the interesting buildings were demolished in the 60's and 70's, I know there were some awful slums as I was growing up, but....
The market now has empty stalls, given that it used to be virtually impossible to get hold of a stall, the lack of customers and high rental charges have changed all that 
Loughborough is a University town, it had a lot of industry as well, nearly all gone, a large pharmaceutical company left, Ladybird books were printed here. It was known for hosiery and lace.
What I like about Loughborough is, it doesn't take too long to get out into the countryside. Easy to walk, cycle or go by car. 
There is one large wood, which was left to the people of the town, to be used for free, a much loved woods, well used, and yet now the council are trying to put forward charging for the car park and making a cafe! Uggh.
As I grow older, I find my home town less and less pleasant to live in.
Having said all of this, I have decided that as a base, in the middle of the country, it is easy to escape from....
The M1 is close, fast trains, buses and coaches, and an airport 10minutes away.
I suppose this has been helped by the large student population.
I remember a time when I wanted to live by the sea.
Yesterday, we spent some time in the garden. Enjoying the eclipse. I couldn't capture it on my camera, just the eerie light. It went quite cool as well, we had fun with pin hole cameras and magnifying glasses.
I was a bit sad as we went and watched the last one with my Dad, who is sadly no longer with us. My youngest two have no recollection of it as they were too young. We were fortunate to have strong sun and no cloud in the east Midlands 
Did anyone else see it?
Sue xxx

Thursday, 19 March 2015


Well, here we are again....

There was a moment when I thought my blogging days were over...
Fortunately, my son has recovered my blog, amazingly quickly, and I'm back.
I have a new gadget which allows me to take spherical photos, I'm in love with this, and I can see this getting used lots...
See you soon, Suexxx

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Warmth and ICHF events

Well, at last,

It's becoming warm enough to venture out into the garden
This is so delightful
At this time of year, as the new shoots of spring emerge,
Especially after the seemingly endless, dark, cold winter we have just endured.

I was very surprised, flattered even, to see my work on the internet the other day....
Being used for promotional material!!!
As it happens, I clicked on a London show, and not my local one at the NEC at the end of this month.
And there, in front of my eyes, my work.
A piece I entered for the show last year, a competition entry, for which I paid a fee.
It didn't win, not even a runners up prize.
It was returned, without a cover note, no thank you for entering, just pushed in an envelope and plopped through my letterbox.
At this point, I made a note to myself to avoid this competition again.

And yet, now I find it was/is good enough to entice people to this years show!
Now, the competition wasn't run by ICHF, the organisers, but by Stitch magazine and Maderia threads
But it would have been nice to have my name credited, a free magazine, some maderia threads, or some much needed cash, instead, I worked for nothing.
What do you think?
I don't mind people photographing my work for their own pleasure, but for financial gain, well, that's a different story.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


@ home
Whilst up in Yorkshire, we popped over to our favourite seaside town,

Oh my, 
How wonderful this place is
But shh, don't tell anyone,
Don't want it to lose its charm and become too popular.
1st, we wandered around its quant town, popped into the shops that were open,
Warmed up with coffee and cakes
Before heading down to the seafront.
Took a short brisk walk along its beautiful shoreline which we cut short when it started to rain.
Well, it was a good job we did. On the way home, the rain turned to sleet, which became heavier, and by the 
Time we arrived back, it was falling as heavy snow!
So, that's two weekend on the trot that I have been to the seaside! 
Two of my favourite places,
Just need to go to Brighton this weekend!
Many thanks to B, one of my best friends, for putting me up,
So lovely to see you again, as always xxxxx