Friday, 24 July 2015

July 2015

I have an abundance of photos for July, so I have grouped some together otherwise this post would go on forever and ever.
Above are a selection of flowers, the most beautiful smelling roses, an exotic sunflower, hydrangea from below and a whiskery caterpillar on a wild flower. There were literally hundreds of these caterpillars in a very small area
Photos from the seashore.
This year the sea hasn't tempted us to go swimming in it, it has been so choppy at times, brrrrrr. I do love just walking along the beach as each tide reveals a new set of treasures. The jelly fish intrigues me, the seaweed is always fascinating, the weather and tide worn rocks creating interesting patterns and of course, just watching the tide roll in & out.
The colours at Portmeirion get me every time. I just love them and all the quirkiness that comes with this fascinating place. And it now has the best ice cream for miles and miles. Our old favourite Cadwaladers has been taken over, not only has the ice cream become mundane, the portion sizes are ridiculously small for the price. We went there once this time, and have not returned!
I seemed to take a lot of red photos this year! It's not a colour I go mad for usually. (It was my most favourites colour as a child) but not anymore. The bottle brush plant was one of the many beautiful plants at Portmeirion, the tomatoes for sale in Portmadoc and a bottle of bubbly water from home.
Wild rabbits have hopped along to see us almost every day, we even saw a hare! Aren't they so cute.
I always try and take my current favourite clothes with me. Love this dress from Gudrun Sjödén, I knew it would match Portmeirion, to be honest, I really haven't brought enough warm clothes. I have ended up pinching a hoody from my lovely son! They are such a useful item of clothing, I can see why youngsters wear them all the time!
There have been a lot of mermaids purses on the shoreline this summer, I have been collecting them, I find them so beautiful, they look black, until you hold them up to the sun or a light and they transform into a gorgeous amber/golden syrup type colour. I wonder what they are made from! I love the twirls and spirals that come off the ends
My amazing camera has been put to good use  again, we really do stay in a very beautiful part of the UK, lots of lush countryside with beaches nearby
I brought my paints with me this time, I am so missing my needle and thread, I love painting, but it is so hard to be creative!
We have had to light the fire more than usual, it has been cold and damp, it does make it cosy though, and a bit smoky at times!
And again, another tiny planet, perfect for Portmeirion, I have photographed this amazing place so many times, it's nice to be able to take it from a different angle!
Before I left, I was working hard on my textiles, I have an exhibition coming up in September, but not only that, I really enjoy creating, every time I produce one thing, more and more ideas pop into my head! This one has feet on it which are hidden by the long grass, I think the lavender is perfect for it!
The sheep were having a lovely time on the cliffs, quite wary of us! This is one of our favourite walks and has spectacular views from high up.
Another shot from our garden before we left, please, bring back the summer! It has rained heavily all day today....
And finally, thank goodness, I hear you say, a panoramic of our usual picnic spot at Portmeirion.
As some of you know, I now use Instagram much more frequently than writing a blog, it is so much quicker, and a wonderful visual diary. I now have more followers on Instagram than here. Here, on blogger I am losing them! And there is much more communication on Instagram! However, I am not giving up on my blog. It is fascinating to re-read, (for me) and reminds me of so much over the years. After all, it's for me and my family.
See you soon Sx

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Happy Birthday Jethro

My youngest, now 18 how did that happen. Hope you had a wonderful day xxx

Thursday, 2 July 2015

June 2016

Well, it appears the whole of June came and went without a single blog post!
June is a super busy month for me and this one was no exception.
Last weekend saw me in the beautiful village of Arkholme, which I believe is in Lancashire
Helping with the catering at a PBFA book fair.
These fairs are so precious and special, if you ever get the chance to visit one, go, you won't be dissapointed.
I was helping with the catering, we were completely rushed off our feet, serving breakfast to the stallholders, endless cups of coffee and tea, sandwiches were flying off the table as soon as they were put out, and as for the cakes, everyone was buying and eating, coming back for more, and sometimes stashing away piles to take home with them.
Naturally, books were being bought, friends were met, and the whole event was a huge success.
June is also the month with two family birthdays, 
One had fruit cake, which I left at home by mistake, originally intended for the book fair, the other was sponge, fresh cream, jam and strawberries
My garden is flourishing, without much help from me
I did manage to get all my bedding plants potted on though
I had a lovely walk in the woods
And an amazing finale meal from the hospitality and catering students at Loughborough college
And a fabulous distinction was gained by my extremely hard working daughter, she has now secured her place on the number 1 textile course in Great Britain
And is looking forward to the challenge starting in September
Meanwhile, in between everything else, I have been working on new textile pieces myself.
This is a 3D pod, it is quite big, and took sometime to complete, and is possibly one of my most favourites to date.

Sue xxx

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Trees, eggs, blossom & letters

I think this sums up the month of May to me.
I had a lovely day out in Derbyshire with my friend from Moonstruckcreations
This tiny planet photo was taken at Caudwell Mill, close to Bakewell, which we also visited.
I found a farmer with Quails eggs for sale, have you tried them, they are delicious.
And what's more, he's prepared to incubate and let me have half a dozen real quails later this year. They have a fairly short laying season, but are laying 8 days after they hatch! And if you handle them enough they soon become tame. We really can't wait.
I love all the blossom around at this time of year, this is in the hedge of my garden, I think it may be Hawthorn, though I'm sure those who are more knowledgeable than me will soon let me know if I'm wrong.
And finally, a little doodle I did to brighten up a dull, wet morning. I love typography :)
See you soon 

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Baking day

I love Sundays for baking.
My Mum used to spend Sunday mornings baking for the week ahead.
That is, if she wasn't out and about on her travels.
Today, I have been trying to make the ultimate scone!
Lots of research, one or two recipes combined, resulted in a fine batch of plain scones. I made 8, they are huge, I can easily make 10 from the amount of ingredients.
Then I saw an amazing recipe for rose apple pies.
I just had to give this a go.
I didn't have all the right ingredients, so I made you do.
I haven't tasted these yet, but if they taste as nice as they look, I shall retry with big rosy red apples!
And why am I doing this, well, in a couple of weeks time I shall be doing the catering at a craft fair!
The thing is, firstly we shall get fat, and secondly, by the time I have finished practising, we will have eaten any profits!!!!

I love the aqualegia that had opened whilst we were away in Yorkshire.
Sue xxx

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Back in Yorkshire again :)
This time I took my new camera to take tiny planet photos of the minster
I love this one with the archway in it as well

Going down an alleyway, we discovered this old ruin of a church.
I do love the dilapidated look!

We happened to go when the Tour de Yorkshire cycle race was going through, we didn't know! We had chosen to go as it was a colder day.
We had the most fantastic meal in the goji cafe. Well worth the visit for that, but moving around York itself was virtually impossible with crowds and barriers and blocked of roads.... We ended up getting quite cold, as we needed to step inside shops to warm up!

Another day we went to one of my favourite seaside places. This is a real gem of a place, a lovely little town, a long sandy and pebbly beach and a funicular to get you down the cliff to the beach.
We found some amazing pebbles and fossils, soaked up the atmosphere and sun, and when the breeze turned cooler, headed back up the cliff. What a climb.... Because by now the funicular had closed for the day!
Many thanks to my wonderful friend for letting me stay again :)

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Happy Birthday Hermione

Hope you have a wonderful day with lots of cake....and presents...

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

I feel very fortunate to have won 1st prize at the weekend with my textile clock
Which was made to sit on a mantlepiece 
And also with my crown in the special theme embroidery catorgory, 
This was held at the Uttoxeter race course, at the British Quilt and Stitch village.
Where I had a super day out on Sunday with my wonderful friend from Moonstruckcreations, and her lovely daughter.
What a fantastic show, we both came home laden down with goodies and projects, and our purses much lighter!
Sue x

Saturday, 25 April 2015


Red apple, pepper and thread
Orange in the middle of a daffodil, with pollen
Yellow, daffodil in my garden
Green, new leaves this spring
Blue, bluebell against a blue ceramic garden pot
Indigo, jeans
Violet, the flowers from an honesty plant.

I have had had fun this week, taking photos of the colours of the rainbow, day by day.

Have a great weekend, whatever you may be doing. 
I'm looking forward to a day out at the quilt show in Uttoxeter :) with a good friend :)
Sue xxx