Saturday, 24 January 2015

Metropol Parados, Seville, Spain

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This amazing sstructure is only a few streets away, 
It is A wooden structure based on mushrooms, designed by a famous Iranian artist, it covers the Roman Ruins below
For a small charge, you are able to go up into a lift and walk around the top of it 
Wow, wow, wow, it is completely breathtaking
And well worth a visit to this city, just to see this...
I have to admit, my fear of heights struggled with parts of it
But not for long
The veiws Of the city are stunning
Completely breathtaking
As is the structure itself!
We spent a while on the walkways 
And even when we came down to earth, the views of the structures were equally amazing
This was quite a highlight of our trip to Seville

Friday, 23 January 2015

Torre del Olo, Seville, Spain

A green orange?
We visit the oldest tower in Seville, on the banks of the river.
It is now a navel museum
It too, was quite facinating
I went to a lovely school, we did heraldry, only for a year I think, I loved this subject, taught by my art teacher
So, maybe you will understand why I was rather taken with this flag....
This is part of an ancient map, drawn onto animal skin, not sure I like that, but probably all that was available at the time!
This is a veiw not quite from the top...

Afterwards, we wandered around a couple of nearby parks, just look at the roots on this tree....
And this wonderful fountain
This is the back of a seat!
Another fountain
And finally, the tempreture was beautifully warm 
We stopped for coffee and in my case, this delicious cinnamon bun, soaking up the warmth of the sunshine
This is what the tower looks like from the outside, managed to delete it earlier!
Beautiful furry seads
Astonishing blooms on trees
And bushes
Sue xxx

Seville, Spain

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SI don't forget!me beautiful baths in the Alcazar's Gardens, these are uunderground
Fantastic lemon trees
These birds were so incredibly tame, they come onto the tables at the outside cafe!
Love these peahens
Beautiful tiling
Reflections in a window
A better veiw of the Alcazars gardens

just a few more pictures ,so i

Monday, 19 January 2015

The Alcazar, Seville

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Another picture heavy post...
We visited the Alcazar in Seville
Some would claim it is better than the Alhambra In Granada
It is certainly very beautiful
And we spent hours here
We found lemons
And all sorts of interesting plants
I adore this glass ceiling
And this particularly ornate one
Here it is zoomed in
The tiling was exquisite
The buildings were breathtaking
The veiws were stunning
So many 
And varied patterns
A hall of tapestries, these were ginourmous...
Colour combinations were delightful
Both manmade and natural 
Peahens and peacocks
We had the most wonderful time exploring, and just sitting and being
Natures patterns
Can possibly never be beaten
I am in awe
of these patterns designed and made hundreds of years ago, and have stood the test of time
I am very fond of reflections and water. Love these goldfish too
And do you know what.....
I'm inclined to agree.....
with those who claim it is better than the Alhambra!
And my reasons may be very different from other peoples, it is a stunning place to visit, it is huge, it goes on and on and on, and beyond the fabulous buildings are the equally stunning gardens, which again are vast. I wish I had more time to explore these... It had a maze, as a child, I always wanted to go in a maze, and today I did, however we didn't go in very far for fear of getting lost and unable to find our way out, it was getting close to closing time at this stage!
Two years ago we went to the Alhambra, twice in one holiday, last year, we went to the Mezquita in Cordoba, again we went twice,
Both hotspots for tourists, and quite rightly so, but, all in all, the sheer beauty of the Alcazar in Seville, the vastness of it, the delightful gardens, and the completely laidbackness of this place, the staff were almost not there, there was no herding the public from one building to another, we were free to roam in whichever direction we wished, which was almost slightly confusing, I hope we saw everything.... But it was this freedom, that nailed it for me, 
I am a bit of a free spirit!