Saturday, 28 February 2015

North Yorkshire

This week, I'm back up in Yorkshire.
Well, a visit to York was what we needed...

Had to pop into this shop....didn't we!
I adore buttons, I could probably start my own shop with the amount I own...

This was another lovely shop, no photography inside though.
I'm sure we will revisit this one again 
Love the conglomeration of roofs
I have treated myself to this beautiful silk top, it's quite dressy, I want to wear it all the time though, it is gorgeous

See you soon,
Sue x

Monday, 23 February 2015

West Cornwall Weekend

Beautiful Blooms

Down in the South west, we found the most beautiful, blooming plants,
How wonderful, to live in such a mild climate
Mild, but still chilly on the shoreline, we treated ourselves to a wonderfully warm vegetable pasty
My favourite boat, still there.... I think it goes out fishing during the night.
Seagulls, just the sound of there call is beautiful to me in my land locked area
Here we are, enjoying our 1st veiws of St Ives in Cornwall from one of the piers
The tide was definitely out when we arrived.

So, there we are, a horribly long journey there, and an equally long and tiring journey back
Not helped by wind some of the way and rain all of the way home.
So pleased to be able to snatch a few hours in one of my favourite places this weekend....

this little fella, kept still long enough for me to capture on my little camera.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

5 years

@ home
Can you believe it?
5 years ago today I started blogging, it is a very much love/hate relationship at the moment,
I still love blogging, and its lovely community,
I just wish it was as easy to post as it used to be.
I have had a look through some of my old posts, these days, it seems to be all holidays and birthdays!
Things I don't want to forget! And very little work. So to adjust the balence a little, todays photo is work,
A miniture,
A little glass lampworked toadstool and bee, on a bed of moss, encapsulated in a dome!
Happy Valentines day everyone, wherever you are

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Happy Birthday PJ

@ home
Now, where did the last 24 years go to exactly?
Happy birthday darling xxx

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Maria Luisa Park

We wewent to

Metropol Parados, Seville, Spain

@ home
This amazing sstructure is only a few streets away, 
It is A wooden structure based on mushrooms, designed by a famous Iranian artist, it covers the Roman Ruins below
For a small charge, you are able to go up into a lift and walk around the top of it 
Wow, wow, wow, it is completely breathtaking
And well worth a visit to this city, just to see this...
I have to admit, my fear of heights struggled with parts of it
But not for long
The veiws Of the city are stunning
Completely breathtaking
As is the structure itself!
We spent a while on the walkways 
And even when we came down to earth, the views of the structures were equally amazing
This was quite a highlight of our trip to Seville

Friday, 23 January 2015

Torre del Olo, Seville, Spain

A green orange?
We visit the oldest tower in Seville, on the banks of the river.
It is now a navel museum
It too, was quite facinating
I went to a lovely school, we did heraldry, only for a year I think, I loved this subject, taught by my art teacher
So, maybe you will understand why I was rather taken with this flag....
This is part of an ancient map, drawn onto animal skin, not sure I like that, but probably all that was available at the time!
This is a veiw not quite from the top...

Afterwards, we wandered around a couple of nearby parks, just look at the roots on this tree....
And this wonderful fountain
This is the back of a seat!
Another fountain
And finally, the tempreture was beautifully warm 
We stopped for coffee and in my case, this delicious cinnamon bun, soaking up the warmth of the sunshine
This is what the tower looks like from the outside, managed to delete it earlier!
Beautiful furry seads
Astonishing blooms on trees
And bushes
Sue xxx