Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Melt down

I'm not actually talking ut the glorious weather we are enjoying at the is moment,
More about me!

You see, I've lost it.
The ability to be creative
Artists block.
I have run out of creative ideas, 
I have tried painting, and I end up with a muddy mess.
Worse than a 2yr olds,
I can't sew,
And after years of my head being full of ideas as to what to do next it is now empty.
Should I enjoy it, or be worried,
Will my creativity return, or have I lost it forever.
Has anyone else suffered in this way? I know writers get writers block, but I've not heard of artists with artists block.
Perhaps I should just enjoy the summer, (as I am doing) stop trying to be creative and retire!
And even possibly tidy my stuff away, so when/if I can get back to work, I'll at least know where everything is!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Schools out forever ♥

Well, there we are then, after 22 years, from my 1st child starting a school nursery, to my last child completing A levels, I'm through with school.... Yippee.... And the changes I've seen in the past 22 years are phenomenal, and not all for the good, when my first child started, you could walk into school whenever you liked if you wished to, now there are locks on absolutely everything, to keep them in and you out, you could also take them out whenever you pleased, and go on a family holiday when it suited you, not the school. They introduced suit and tie uniforms all over this area, fortunately, we just missed having to fork out on that expense. Finally, in the 11 to 18 schools, they group the classes with all age groups from years 7 to 11, it doesn't work, no one talks to anyone, not even the teacher.... Whilst my last child was studying for A levels they amalgamated two schools that were next to each other, shut one down completely, and have been left with a failing school, no wonder she's worried about her results. Turns out that 5 of her teachers are leaving this summer, (rats leaving a sinking ship) they can't teach their subject properly, as their being told to teach anything and everything.
Anyway, schools might be out forever, however, their not out of the education system yet. I was really dismayed to hear that the course my daughter has worked so hard to do since she was little, has been axed as well. She is in the last intake for the art foundation course at the university school of art and design. So, so sad.  Thank goodness she didn't decide to take a gap year... But for now, we can all enjoy the summer, no exams, no homework, a very well deserved break.
And if I had my time again? I would very seriously consider home schooling.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Sunday, 6 July 2014

This weekend

@ home http://blog.suepops.co.uk/

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Art this way

I don't think there are many of my lovely blogging friends who live locally enough to visit me this weekend, but this is where I'll be, at venue number 1.
More information here www.artthisway.co.uk

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday Martin, hope you enjoyed your day/cake, cherries and marzipan, your favourites xxx

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Many happy returns

25 years old yesterday¡  now where did that last quarter of a century go to.....

New toy

I am very much hoping that my new toy means I can start blogging again!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


 I have a story to tell, but blogger won't let me, I'm far too busy to keep trying, it takes up too much of my time, I need a new computer, I need my own, one that I don't have to share with the rest of my family, one that works when I want it too, not when it decides to. One where I'm not continually logged out of all my sites, by other users..... Yes, at the moment I am furious, having tried for a couple of hours to upload my photos. Life is frantic here, with 'A' levels and end of btec courses. I hardly ever even get the chance to use it..... and I notice, I am losing followers by the shed load....
So, it's been lovely getting to know everybody, I have really enjoyed being part of this world, but for now, this is it. I can't be bothered anymore.
However, I shall keep my blog live, because, one day, maybe, blogger will allow me to publish my photos and I may return. It is a wonderful way to see what we have done.
So bye for now

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY Hermione

At home eighteen years ago, at 3.24am, the most delightful, gorgeous girl entered this world

 We held a small celebration at the end of last week,
Today, she has a 5 hour textiles exam for 'A' level, she completed 5 yesterday, with 5 more hours to go tomorrow and the same schedule next week, but with 'A' level Art instead, (not the best of times for birthdays) The whole of Easter was taken up, day after day, working towards these exams, and not forgetting her psychology revision.

She has always worked so hard at her education, and has been offered a place at the University of her choice for her foundation course, and she is of course the most delightful daughter, going way beyond helping out and caring for us all, and a wonderful sibling too

I enclosed the last picture she took, as she loves the smell of blossom at this time of year 

and not forgetting our lovely son,


Today will be spent travelling, to Turkey, to join in as a volunteer at the International Dance Festival in Bodrum. Where he will spend the whole month of May helping out in whatever way he can to promote this festival worldwide, but more importantly, trying to find an English team of Dancers to take part, as yet, there isn't a group from the U.K (he's thinking along the lines of Morris people) Interested? take a look here http://www.bodrumdancefest.org/

Enjoy xxx

Tonight, we will be eating chocolate cake, with fresh cream in the middle, a silky smooth ganache, strawberries dipped in chocolate and chocolates on top with chocolate fingers around the edge..........as requested by the birthday girl xxx